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Leandro Cristiano da Silva Castro

Farmer Name: Leandro Cristiano da Silva Castro

Estate: Sitio Santa Cruz

Altitude: 1350m

Processing Method: Natural 

Coffee Varieties: Catuaí

Certifications: nothing

Raifalls average - annual: 1600 mm

Total area: 9 ha

Region: Sul de Minas


He learned from his father to work with coffee, since his family is traditional in coffee. Today, father and son work together in the fields. In addition to learning to work with coffee he has also learned to love coffee, which is his only source of income. By 2016 he did not know that he produced a superior quality coffee until he won Falcafé's 1st Coffee Quality Contest and that is when he discovered the potential of his crop. Ever since he won the quality contest he has investing on his land and improving his crops every year.