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Wendel Rodrigues de Morais

Farmer Name: Wendel Rodrigues de Morais

Estate: Sítio Santo Antônio

Altitude: 1026 a 1064m

Processing Method: Natural 

Coffee Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Red Catuaí

Certifications: Fair Trade, 4C e Certifica Minas.

Raifalls average - annual: 1600 mm

Total area: 10 hectares

Region: Sul de Minas


Coffee cultivation is the tradition in this descendant family of Italians. The old coffee estate of his mother's family was sold and so they began to produce coffee in the property of the family of his father, Valdomiro Rodrigues de Morais, inherited from his grandfather. Today, besides the crops he owns along with his father, he also acquired another piece of farming land that is on the same property of his grandfather. He devotes himself intensely to farming, which is his only source of income and he does so with pride and love for coffee.